I am a retired USN intelligence officer, currently active as a licensed clinical social worker in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My interests range far and wide, from matters geopolitical to “making sawdust” (i.e. trying my hand at woodworking in my garage). I translate a little on the side, mainly from Czech but occasionally from Slovak and German, with an especial interest in things pertaining to the Holocaust.

Among all my concerns, one stands out head and shoulders above the rest, and that is the course the United States has taken with the heavy hand of Barack Obama on the helm. He and his legion of rasputins (he is the czar) have moved very fast to do very many things that remind me uncomfortably of my native Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, an entity which is now mercifully defunct but which still casts a large and evil shadow over its former citizens. I hope to do my bit to counter this trend.

A second major point of interest is Israel and its survival: I suspect that what will happen to freedom and democracy worldwide will happen to Israel first, so Israel’s fate bears watching.

A third point of interest is the condition of the mental health professions. In particular, I worry about the hyper-political entity called social work. There are many people in the field doing good work but, in my view, there is also an unacceptably large number of those who love power more than doing good work. And then there are those who are just plain evil. I hope to do my bit to counter this trend, too.

What else am I interested in? Lots of things, not all of which are glum: my kids, my grandbaby, good books, good food. Good music (lots of opera), cars and trucks. Good movies, also bad ones, depending on how you define “bad.”

Then there is writing. I have written what is probably the “worst great American novel” on record and am currently looking for a literary agent who is merciful enough not to laugh too hard when reading it. I am following it up with another novel-sized manuscript, which is likely to be even worse than the first one.

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  1. Tim Snider says:

    NASC AOCS Class 21-75
    O. Prins G. Salazar M. Kubat D. Lousma
    P. Rankin W. Adamo J. Peters
    S. Rose W. Johnson D. Seckler
    K. Thomas T. Snider R. Stefancik
    W.Simpson ? Devlin
    L. Malachi
    (W.O. #2)
    ? Stamps?

    Drill instructor
    SSgt Stukes
    SSgt Wiekowski


    That’s the best I remember of our class. Corrections encouraged.

    There is a former DI looking to write a book about the AOCS experience from the viewpoint of candidates. I have visited with him and plan to contribute. If you would like more info, Email me back and I will fill you in.

    I remember you telling us the story of your family leaving Czeckoslovakia. I’m still amazed. Did you ever run into any of the others from the class in your 20 years? Did Bob S. get past his swim hold and get commissioned?

    Take care.


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