This is actually very simple.

The people most affected by the system should run the system.

Imagine this:

  • Each Veterans Administration location is assigned a strike force of veteran volunteers (VETSTRIKEFOR) who are answerable to no one in the bureaucracy.  The size of the VETSTRIKEFOR contingent varies based on the size of the VA location.
  • VETSTRIKEFOR monitors all incoming calls and follow-on actions by the VA.  Each time a call comes in, the clock starts ticking.  If the caller does not get full satisfaction that he/she would have gotten from a competent private physician within the timeframe that the caller’s condition demands, each and every VA bureaucrat, from the appointment taker all the way up to the facility head honcho, gets docked $100.  All VA personnel above the facility director, all the way up to the VA Secretary, get docked $500.
  • Any member of the VA behemoth who attempts to evade or subvert VETSTRIKEFOR supervision, by any means whatsoever (including false accusations of racism, sexism, insensitivity, microaggression, whatever) is subject to an immediate $10,000 fine, for the first offense.  The same applies to everyone in this person’s chain of command, all the way up to the VA Secretary.  A second attempt results in (1) immediate termination with loss of all benefits, (2) being put on a blacklist so that she/he can never be rehired by any governmental agency, and (3) becoming the target of a class action suit by all affected veterans and veteran organizations.
  • VETSTRIKEFOR will collect the funds thus generated, and will hold them in escrow for support of veterans who need services outside the VA system.

Once this system is implemented, the following will occur:

  • About $12 billion per year will flow into the VETSTRIKEFOR escrow fund during the first three years.
  • About 75% of VA personnel will be fired and replaced with competent people, primarily veterans.  To make things fair, the fired bureaucrats will be offered fulfilling manual work on shovel-ready projects.
  • Within three years, the system will have magically fixed itself.  Appointments will be kept, professional services will be provided, prompt referrals outside the system will be made any time the VA system does not have sufficient resources or capacity.

saluting vetI can see tens of thousands of volunteers flooding in to answer their country’s call.

I’d go too, in a heartbeat.


If Obama wants to use his pen and his phone, here is his chance.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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