Terezín (Theresienstadt) is a fortress and fortress town north-northwest of Prague.  During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia (March 15, 1939 – May 08, 1945), the fortress was used by the Nazis as a police prison and the walled town as a ghetto for Jews.

The ghetto also served two more sinister purposes.  First, it was a propaganda coup used to convince the international community that Germany treated its Jewish population leniently.  Second, it was a major transshipment point for “transports to the East,” overwhelmingly Auschwitz-Birkenau.

During the four years of the occupation, over 35,000 people perished in Terezín.  Many of those lie buried there.

In 1995, during my first visit to Czechoslovakia following our 1965 escape, I took two pictures of the cemetery, focusing on the words of the Czech poet Vítězslav Nezval that are inscribed there.

We lie here – whole villages and towns.
An old man next to mother, woman, child.
Our human journey did not end with death.
We did not reach our destiny, but you, you must!

Here they tortured twenty six thousand of us to death.
The blood that flowed from us, flows once more.
We died, so our loved ones could live.
To honor our memory, defend humanity!

To me, these are timely and proper words to remember as we watch the world descend into chaos and hear fanatics demand torture and beheading of anyone who refuses to submit meekly to their dictates.  Only grim determination and steady strength defeated murderous fanaticism then.  And only grim determination and steady strength will defeat it now.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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  1. Willis says:

    Islamic Jihad massacres, as hate crimes en-masse

    Every Islamic terror act, anywhere, is a clear cut case of intolerance. It is always against the “other.”

    True, by Islamic Jihad any infidel targets are fair-game. It’s just that some groups are easier targets than others, as “justification” are aided by propaganda, often backed by some radical liberals in the West. Such are many Muslim aggressors posing as “victims.” For instance, those Arab immigrants’ grandchildren, invaders in Jews’ Israel/Palestine who go by the title “Palestinians,” while some in the West really buy the notion that these mass-murderers are just about “Palestine-Arab-State,” ignoring or unaware of their real ethnic cleansing aims from the entire Holy Land.

    Ethno-religious hatred classics:

    Arab supremacy –derived from Koran, Koranic spirit and themes– especially resulting in enslaving Africans and Asians in the Arab world and the genocide in the Sudan (of already 3.5 million, since the 1950s) by a classic combination of Arab racism and Islamic Jihad. The same diabolical combination that “founded” the Arab Vs Israel “conflict,” by infamous Mufti who collaborated with the ultimate ‘racists’ – the WW2 Hitler/Nazis.

    The Armenian Genocide 1915-23, was both: Turkish ethnic supremacy and an overall holy war against Christians. The same goes to Turkish anti-Greek and anti-Assyrian genocide. Totaling a combined 2.7 million Christian victims.

    Ethno-Religious Moro-Muslims VS Philippines’ natives.

    Ethno-Religious Malay-Muslims VS Thai natives.

    Ethno-Religious Islamic-Hausa-Fulani VS Igbo Christians in Biafra Nigeria – 1960s-70s (3 million dead).

    Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam anti-White racism is deeply woven with radical Islamic vision. So were its linked Zebra murders in the 1970s and the Beltway snipers shootings in 2002.

    Ethno-Religious “pure-Muslim” Pakistani VS Bangladeshi (regarded as the impure) genocide – 1971 (3 million dead).

    Ethno-Religious “Palestinian” and Lebanese Muslims VS Christian Natives Maronites in Lebanon. 1970s-2000.

    Iran-Iraq war – 1980s (a million victims – at least). Racism (Arab supremacy vs Aryan-Iranians) and “we are the true Muslims” motivation, on both sides.

    Ethno-Religious Arab-Muslims VS native Coptic-Christians in Egypt, hate crimes still going on…

    Ethno-Religious (mostly separated by origin/ethnicity as well) Shiite VS Sunnis, and vice versa in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan. (Bloodshed going on, full force).

    Last point but not least: most “conflicts” and bloodshed around the globe today IS correlated to Islamism.

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