Couldn’t resist this one…

A fisherman catches a golden fish in the Potomac.  The fish (which we must understand is a thoroughly magical fish) promises to grant him one wish in exchange for its freedom.  The fisherman doesn’t have to think overmuch about what he wants the most.  “I want to live forever,” he says.

“That’s the one thing I can’t do for you,” says the fish.  “Try again.”

Again, the fisherman needs not reflect overlong.  “Okay then.  I want to die when American politicians stop being thieving crooks.”

“Oh, you shameless, swinish bastard!!!!” says the fish.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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