The Occupy White House dummy has done it again.

May 1st, i.e. International May Day so beloved of all reactionaries progressives of the world, is now United States Loyalty Day.

Hmmm.  Loyalty Day.  To the United States, the U.S. Constitution and our founding values.

First of all, we do not need a Loyalty Day.  The very idea is so un-American, so profoundly and unremittingly totalitarian that I shudder.  If anything, we should be repealing such an odious thing (Public Law 85-529, dating back to the Eisenhower administration).

Second, why would anyone want to legitimize a “holiday” that is so inextricably a part of the worst terror regimes in history by making it a day for contemplating American democratic values?

Every socialist worth her salt (Stalin, Pol Pot, Honecker, Castro, et al) loyally celebrated/celebrates May Day.  And so it seems that Obama must glorify this perverted day as well.

It’s enough to make you want to run out on the street and yell: MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!  Come in, anyone! They’ve all gone plum crazy up there!


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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