Fredy Pinchi Pinchi is an indomitable fighter for world happiness.  According to the Wall Street Journal, he “trudges through the Amazon jungle here on a mission: to save the world’s chocolate.”

To explain: Sr. Pinchi is an agronomist who is searching for new and vigorous stock of the cocoa tree since the current stock seems to be be too old, fragile and low-yielding.

Now, this is an important mission.  I know that our household would not function without its daily dose of choco, and it’s a cinch that there are billions of people in the world whose lives are thus lubricated and made bearable.

If the current #Occupy White House personage wants to accomplish something truly useful before the fall elections, he should go out there with Sr. Pinchi and help with the search.  Talk about becoming popular!  Very popular!

Oh, wait, that would involve real work, not to mention the fact that evil capitalists make obscene profits on chocolate products.  Besides, Lenin said that when people are happy, they don’t want to make revolutions.

Never mind!


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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