During the Korean War, UN forces suffered near-catastrophic defeats at the hands of the Chinese because the supremely narcissistic and self-deified Generalissimo, Douglas MacArthur, refused to learn anything useful about his enemy.  He made it known that he already knew everything about them – just ask him.  (To get a full sense of MacArthur’s narcissism and self-deification, which was exceeded only by his deification in the media, I highly recommend David Halberstam’s The Coldest Winter).

One crucial lesson MacArthur had failed to learn was that the Chinese liked their enemy to think they were doing well, prompting them to rush headlong into a Chinese trap.  MacArthur’s reckless advance to the Yalu River, based on the foolish belief that the Chinese will not intervene (indications were to the contrary), was just such a fool’s rush; and the subsequent disaster is now the stuff of history.  Even that didn’t cure MacArthur, who set up more disasters along those lines.

It was not until “Divine Doug” was sidelined and Matthew Ridgway took charge that real lessons about the Chinese began to be learned, and the war was prosecuted to its successful conclusion.  (“Success” here means that South Korea was preserved – no mean feat in the flabby post-WW2 days.)

The supremely narcissistic and self-deifying Obama (deified by the media, too, just like MacArthur) has repeatedly fallen for the same Chinese trick.

Here’s only the latest example of what the combination of malignant narcissism, self-deification and sycophantic deification by the media will do.

Courtesy of the so-called “People’s” Republic of China and the Obama régime, keeping your lights on is about to become a lot more expensive.

How?  Simple.

You remember, of course, the extreme environmentalists’ campaign, blessed and joyfully enforced by Obama, his unelected rasputins and the Democratic Party, to force America to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). They’re more environmentally friendly, we were told.  They save electricity. Everybody’s happy, especially the Chinese, who manufacture and export them by the gazillion.

[Of course, no one ever told you never to break one, for if you do, you’ll have to evacuate the house and call in a professional hazmat cleanup team.  Nor did they think of developing provisions for proper disposal of the things when they burn out, which they do, with greater frequency than lied about advertised.  To our Self-appointed Great Thinkers, none of these things are important because they belong to the bo-o-oring practical world.  It’s The Idea that counts.  But that’s a different story.]

With the U.S. hooked on CFLs. which seemed to be in plentiful supply and getting cheaper, too, America’s useful idiots proceeded to force the closure of all U.S. manufacturers of conventional light bulbs.  The last major one, if you remember, closed last October and the rest will follow soon, by a 2007 U.S. (!) law.

With the market on CFLs all but cornered, the Chinese Communist leadership decided to cause the cost of rare earth metals, which are used in many high-tech applications, including CFLs, to skyrocket.  (Of note, about 95% of the world’s active suppliers are in the PRC, western sources being all but shut down by environmentalist pressures.)  Naturally, the reason Chinese leaders cite for their move is their heartfelt desire to control pollution, a cause near and dear to their Western useful idiots, so who would dare object, right?  Actually, the World Trade Organization is objecting, but the simple, time-honored answer they will likely receive will invoke “unacceptable interference in China’s internal affairs.”  (And when a socialist says that, you must of course immediately lose control of your capitalist sphincter and cease your aggressive and reactionary behavior.)

As a result, reports Yahoo News, your cost of lighting your home is about to skyrocket, too.  Walmart, one of the prime pushers of CFLs, has been forced to admit that “some” price increases will have to be passed on to the customer.  The following quote says it all.

An 11-watt G.E. compact fluorescent bulb — the lighting equivalent of a 40-watt incandescent bulb — was priced on Thursday at $15.88 on Wal-Mart’s Web site for pickup in a Nashville, Ark., store.

Even General Electric, which is essentially owned by the Obama régime and operated by Jeffery Immelt, Obama’s dedicated quisling and jobs (!) adviser, has been forced to issue a statement on the situation.  GE, we must remember, had received $140 billion in porkulus money but pays little in U.S. taxes and is busy shipping U.S. jobs to the PRC and importing Chinese goods to the U.S.  Quoth a GE FAQ:

…if the rate of inflation over the last 12 months on the rare earth element europium oxide had been applied to a $2 cup of coffee, that coffee would now cost $24.55.

Was this a Chinese trap sprung on the unsuspecting narcissist western “god” and his brainless admirers?  Possibly.  Was the Obama administration, with its stated plan to “de-develop” the United States, complicit in this?  Equally possible, even probable.  Now, I am not saying that Obama is a tool of the PRC, but his attitude toward democratic society, particularly the United States, is one of overt contempt; and after all he still has a whole gaggle of “de-developers and admirers of the PRC in his entourage.

It is a good question to ask where all this will end.  My bet is that Obama’s goal is coterminous with the goals of the PRC leadership: the United States is reduced to an economic and fiscal non-entity, ruled by a socialist oligarchy.  Thus reduced, the country is essentially powerless to serve the cause of freedom in the world.

Lights out, so to speak.

Both Obama and the PRC would like nothing better.

Enter the one-worlders and a global dictatorship, served by, and fawned on by slavish, slavering media.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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  1. I vaguely remember hearing something about this, but NOT that regular incandescent bulbs were illegal. With usurious prices like that coming up, how hard could it be to restart manufacture of the old bulbs in the U.S., anyway?? Whatever happens, there’d be a loud enough noise I think we’d we;d see SOME sort of solution pdq! If China want’s to crank prices up like that, they can keep ’em – I still remember how to make candles.


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