The Obama regime rightly fears September 11 (h/t Gateway Pundit).  On that day in 2001, professional Islamic “world community organizers” attacked the United States on its own soil, creating a huge scar in the national psyche and, incidentally, a tremendous upsurge of lasting patriotic feeling in the country.  This has resulted in increased interest in our own roots as a nation and a resurgent appreciation of our root values such as democracy, federalism, individual freedom, free enterprise, and (gasp!) Judaeo-Christian values.

Obama, too, is a professional community organizer.  As such, he sees evil not as evil but as “just another way of thinking about the world, as valid as any other.”  Except his own, of course, which is holy dogma – just ask Him or His idolaters.  American patriotism, with the things it represents, is therefore anathema to Obama’s world view.  Any reason for such patriotism must be masked, smeared, and/or diverted for his own use.

This is why Obama had declared September 11th to be a day of community service.  We are not to think of our honored dead who were murdered by Islamic world community organizers; we are to think of joyfully submitting of our friendly neighborhood community organizers who will tell us where and how we may toil for free.  (I have no trouble with toiling for free, by the way – I do it all the time – but on my own time, and in my own way, and in any place where I perceive a need.)  However, unlike the 9-11 attackers and the Obama regime, I simply have no use for dictatorship or for its inevitable concomitant – slavery.

A historical note.

Perverting important national holidays by professional community organizers is a time-honored tradition.  October 28th is the day on which, in 1918, (democratic) Czechoslovakia had declared independence.  In 1945, therefore, the Czechoslovak leftists (i.e. professional Czechoslovak community organizers) declared October 28th to be Nationalization Day: a day, that is, on which all businesses that employed more than 50 people were stolen from their owners.  That was soon enough extended to any business and/or private property, including bank accounts.

But that’s another story.

The point here is that the continuing attempt pervert 9-11 into a Community Organization Day is something to be fought tooth and nail.

Also in the ballot box, as long as professional community organizers allow us one.

About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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