Not surprisingly, Muammar Qaddafi likes Barack Obama.  Monica Crowley reports at Political Mavens (h/t JWR) that, last Saturday, Qaddafi spoke of Obama very highly, even referring to him as a friend.  This, perhaps, is a reward for Obama’s essentially non-existent response to the crisis in Libya and other ongoing crises in the Arab world, but it may also be a reflection of the long Obama-Qaddafi ties via the Reverends Wright and Farakhan that have recently been reported elsewhere.

I don’t know about Obama, but if someone like Qaddafi thought of me as a friend, I’d be worried.  On the other hand, my agenda is not to weaken the United States and turn its people into dhimmis, but to strengthen it and keep the people free.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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