These are very hard words for me to write, but write them I must.  Sarah Palin’s mama grizzly imagery took me aback by its exclusion of men from a process that I am hoping will turn into an American renaissance.  Female grizzlies do, after all, raise their cubs alone, and they will fight off the male to keep the cubs safe.

I find this image terribly offensive and divisive, the more so because, for a generation now, human relationships in America have been devastated by a flood of feminist vitriol aimed squarely at men.  The intensity of feminist propaganda has been such that American men are now routinely portrayed as violent, angry, dangerous, woefully incomplete and quite incidental to family life or; at best, bumbling, immature and ever in need of female correction and guidance.

This meme is so prevalent nowadays that we scarcely notice it any more.  In other words, the pathology of feminism has became normalized.  And, regrettably, the grizzly mama message takes full advantage of this.

My objections are many, but two stand out in particular:

  • A grizzly male is not hard-wired for relationships of equals or for joint child rearing.  I as a human man, am.
  • A grizzly male preys on the young.  I, as a human man, do not.

I admire Sarah Palin for the energy and sense of purpose that she had infused into the American people just as their spirits had begun to flag under the Obama programs of purposeful de-development of this country.  But conservative victory will not come without a reintegration of men and women into a harmonious whole.  If conservative women are serious about family, parenting, faith, individual responsibility and other such conservative values, then, in my view, they must say good-bye to feminist stereotypes.  And that means abandoning grizzly mama-like imagery (and behavior) that indicates that men must remain in the role of dangerous outsiders assigned to them a generation ago by “holy feminist dogma.”

I would propose that Mrs. Palin and her ilk choose, say, the emperor penguin as a metaphor, since both sexes work equally hard (and suffer equally) to protect and rear their offspring.  (Image from wikipedia)

Yes, I know, it’ll never happen; the sexy, adrenalin-producing image of a rearing grizzly female, with the young cowering at her feet, is more important than reality.  And let’s face it: can you see Tennessee Tuxedo as an instrument of national inspiration?

Still, a small part of me dares to hope that the message will get through.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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  1. Yvetta says:

    Finally somebody have the guts to say it! Jak otevres rano TV vsude jsou zensky,to uz musi skoncit ! A to jeste zacaly nosit kalhoty ve verejnych funkcich. Za poslednich par let je to jeste horsi.Mnohokrat si rikam v posledni dobe kam se podeli kluci svetle pleti????Kde jsou,co delaji?Moc mi chybi.

  2. gypsy says:

    Michael.. EXCELLENT!!

    Note.. I am a 41 year old woman, I grew up being saturated in the women’s lib movement. I was a Girl Scout, which really should change its name to represent their true agenda, which is training future femi-nazis. I also grew up in a messed up home, where my father initially dominated (and not in a good way) then my bipolar mother took over.. turning my father into a spineless (yet overly muscle bound) pile of whimpering jelly.

    The feminist perspective that I gained from my childhood, and the impact it had on me.. was yes, there WAS belittling of women, etc, etc. BUT that does not mean the tables need to be turned into what we now see as metro-sexual, weak men. Neither benefits.

    I have not seen what Palin’s up to, but I trust what you are sharing to be true, even if it were not for some reason.. I have seen woman who march to that tune. They still are fighting a battle that they won. This is not unlike black people who still cry racism when there is a difference of opinion.

    For anyone who has been on the lower rung of the ladder, they are made stronger when they get to the top. Instead these groups are still crying when they are at or near the top. It weaken what they have achieved, and what they want.

    Another issue, is on the imagery of the cowering cubs to the ferociuos mother bear. It does not matter what sex the parent is who fights for their child.. the problem in that image is the cowering children. Though with animals, those cubs will grow into strong, independent bears.. that is not the case with humans.. the result ends ups.. if the mother is the strong one they raise daughters who are men-hating, or boys who are mommas-boys.. the agressive father results in boys who duplicate that behavior or daughters who seek it out. Your example of the penguin being what humans should model off of is dead on.. the mutual support and effort is what is missing and is crucial. Instead women feeling empowered to raise children solo (yet are they really, they are either raised by gov’t welfare, or by a nanny.. not the “mother”).

    These are the breakdowns of society, and something needs to give. It has been a downward society spiral since I entered this earth.. feminism, then the 80s with the career couples,… it became common expected for both parents to work (if they actually stayed married) and the child (children) to be raised by someone else.

    The result : decay of the family.. everyone say thank you feminism!

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