Apparently undeterred by global warming science being “out” (as opposed to “in”), climate fixers are enthusiastically researching massive global projects to cool the planet.  It’s called geoengineering, and supposedly it’s a discipline that’s entering the mainstream.

So, at any rate, states Erika Engelhaupt’s article titled Engineering a Cooler Earth in the June 05, 2010 Science News.  Among the potential solutions advocated by the geoengineers include, but are not limited to, spraying a mist of sulfuric acid into the stratosphere, launching space reflectors into the Earth’s orbit to deflect the Sun’s rays, seeding the oceans with iron, and installing gigantic machines to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere and the ocean and store it, well, somewhere.

The science on which these plans are are based has been (scientifically) demonstrated to be shaky.  Based on past and present experience with such schemes, the costs will almost certainly be astronomical.  Benefits accruing to the Earth’s climate and to humanity will almost certainly be minimal.

On the other hand, the potential to harm human beings is enormous.  The precautionary principle, generally so beloved of the environmentalists, is suddenly AWOL.

I would like to call this hubris, but it isn’t.  After all, hubris destroys only the flawed character who exhibits it.  On the other hand, these megalomaniac plans have a real potential for destroying most of us and what we hold dear, while allowing the destroyers to live on in luxury, far above our caste – and on our dime.

The really funny part is that, in the same issue, Obama adviser Eric Lander bloviated about restoring science to its rightful place.  He tells us that:

There is a responsibility to engage actively in the stewardship of science and technology.  [Science] is the result of social systems that promote innovation and exploration.

Quite right, Mr. Lander.  However, please note that “stewardship” does not mean “community organization.”  Hence, the Obama administration’s extremist approach that gives unconditional support to so-called warmists while ignoring those who point to evidence to the contrary is all wrong.


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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