Still trembling at the very thought of the nightmare called Obama.

After a single year of it, America’s reputation throughout the world lies in ruins. Our friends and allies are not friends and allies any more, thanks to Obama’s messianic pretensions. Our enemies are openly laughing at us. Our economy has been driven into the ground, and a communist country holds so much of our debt that it now presumes to tell us how to run our business, or else. All of Obama’s appointees are ideological, anti-scientific loonies who cannot tell one kind of orifice from another but who know exactly what to do to turn democracy into dictatorship. The head of NASA is now head of outreach to Indonesia. The sock puppet in charge of homeland defense has nixed the plan to put up a border fence to make invasion by illegals more difficult. (About now, I could pass out from hyperventilation if I go on, so let me move on to better news.)

There are encouraging developments. The long-suffering American people are finally in revolt, and getting angrier. As another blogger had so aptly put it last September, the ents have gone to war. Good on them. Good on us. Time to capture Orthanc, then move on to Mordor. The TEA Parties are active, and anxious politicians are beginning to listen. The Democrats have been stunned by losing significant political races, and the Republicans are finally showing some spine. The climate change hoax, which is a declared keystone of global governance (i.e. world dictatorship), has been discredited, with more and more scientists either abandoning that sinking ship or getting even more hysterical and ridiculous. The States are asserting their constitutional rights vis-a-vis the Federal government. And, most significantly, Obama’s reputation has now gone down the drain, and rats are abandoning his ship. If his flagship health/education “reform” bomb passes, he is doomed. If it does not, he is doomed.

Speaking of which… Over the past few days, I had the unenviable task of reviewing that 2,309-page monstrosity. I find it so convoluted, so incomprehensible, so full of downright totalitarian notions and such a midwife to yet more thousands of useless bureaucrats that I have actually trekked to my congressman’s and senators’ offices and left handwritten notes to please please please kill it before it kills us.

I also pleaded with the to avoid “slaughtering” democracy. They might get it, or they might not. But it’s a crucial point to make.

Go America!


About Michael J. Kubat

I'm a grumpy Czech-born clinical social worker who is vitally interested in the survival in the United States as a viable democracy and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.
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