Interesting article here, in Wired Magazine, about a 70 year-old concept car prototype being built by Rob Ida Concepts,  a custom car designer outfit of Morganville, NJ.  The prototype was the brainchild of Preston Tucker, who was best known for the advanced but ultimately unsuccessful Tucker 48 (image below, courtesy of Wikipedia).


Apparently, the concept prototype was never built, so the Idas (father and son), are reconstructing it on the basis of pictures and whatever information they can scrape up.


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A Times of Israel headline screams: US Anger at Netanyahu Said “Red-hot’ as Ties Hit New Low.

?????????????????????????Not exactly accurate, is it?  It should say: “Obama Administration Anger at Netanyahu…..”  The US, that is, the American people, certainly are not angry at the Israeli Prime Minister.  By and large, Americans stand by Israel and support its right to exist as a Jewish state.  The anger comes from an infantile administration, led by an infantile ideologist, who are all in a narcissistic snit because an adult stands in the way of their agenda.





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An article on the net worth of prostitution in Britain’s Significance magazine – a very readable exposition of matters statistical – tickled my funny bone.  The following quote pretty much pins it down:

The EU has demanded rapid payment of £1.7 billion from the UK because our economy has done better than predicted, and some of this is due to the prostitution market now being considered as part of our National Accounts and contributing an extra £5.3 billion to GDP at 2009 prices, which is 0.35% of GDP, half that of agriculture.

This, on the basis of some pretty torturous calculations by EU bureaucrats.  Problem: in order to yield that kind of income, British light women had to have averaged about £100,000 per year.  In other words:

-  Number of prostitutes in UK: 61,000
–  Average cost per visit: £67
–  Clients per prostitute per week: 25
–  Number of weeks worked per year: 52

This works out to a nice, round figure of 1,300 tricks per annum, per sex worker.  (I really distrust nice, round figures, but okay.)  Needless to say, this figure is being disputed, with alternative ones pointing in every direction.

My main issue here is the apparent ease with which distant bureaucrats decide how much is owed them.  I heartily agree with the writer’s conclusion that “…[a]lthough this is a big statistical challenge, such an important contribution to the economy deserves a more robust analysis.”  All I can add is that any kind of statistical calculation that affects the lives of human beings should be on a firm empirical basis.


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This revisit of one of my 2011 posts was occasioned by Hillary going “full Lenin” by claiming that corporations and businesses do not create jobs.  This ejaculation was a timely reminder just what kind of a national disaster this woman is.


I recently read an opinion (can’t remember where – wish I’d bookmarked it right away) that if we absolutely positively had to have a Democratic President, it ought to have been Hillary Clinton.

I cannot agree.

I understand that this wistful notion is driven by the incompetence and willfully anti-American nature of the Obama régime, but I suggest that a Clinton régime would not have been much different.

Here are a few thoughts.

The “special” nature of this Chief Executive.

For a generation at least, the two chief “weapons of mass destruction” in the United States – indeed, in the Western world – have been accusations of sexism and racism.  The reasonable and proper requirement that we purge racism and sexism from our body politic has long ago been overwhelmed by sophisticated, persecutory “professions” (quite lucrative, too) that routinely smear people and even destroy existences without regard to facts.

Obama is black.  He is the first black President.  As such, he is presumably exempt from opposition or criticism and must get his way in everything.  Just ask Valerie Jarrett.  He is a convinced Progressive: that is, he stands for what I have long called “feudalism with a populist face.”  Any criticism or opposition – indeed any attempt to view him through a less-than-messianic lens – has automatically and often violently been labeled as racism.  We must simply believe in him.  Even after two years of such blundering that even his supporters have begun to wake up, it’s not easy to define Obama as the loony that he is without exposing oneself to attack.

Having decided to run for reelection in 2012, the very first line in his reelection ad is – you guessed it – “I’m asking you to believe.”

Hillary Clinton is a feminist woman. She would have been the first female President.  As such, she would also demand exemption from opposition or criticism, and she must get her way in everything.  Just ask the people who’d worked for her.  She, too, is a convinced Progressive.  Had she become President, any opposition to her and criticism of her would have been labeled as pathological ejaculations of Neanderthal white male sexists.  Had she been elected, we would have been stuck with a lady of the manor who, like Obama, imagined herself wearing the cloak of infallibility.  Believing in her would have been the only acceptable response on our part.

Ruling style.

I see both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as prime dictator material.  We see that side of Obama every day.  His idea of “the most transparent administration ever” is the exact opposite.  His notion of working with the opposition is embodied in his comment “I won.”  He is the master of the proverbial smoke-billed back room where deals with friends are cut and the fate of the country is decided without input from anyone else.  The way Obamacare was rammed through Congress is typical.  Now, having lost the House, he seeks to rule by decree.

We have seen that side of Hillary Clinton throughout the years of the “two-for-the-price-of-one” administration.  The most obvious case was the near-clandestine attempt to sneak Hillarycare onto the books.  The stories of her rages are already the stuff of legend.


Obama and Clinton are both One-Worlders.  Neither is interested in the well-being of the United States.  Like Obama, Clinton would seek to “de-develop” our country.  The submission (and I use that word advisedly) of the United States to the arbitrary will of a supranational dictatorial body like the United Nations (or the Arab League) would progress just as fast under her as it does under Obama.  Like Obama, Clinton is deeply indebted to George Sörös and other self-appointed Guardians who see themselves as a permanent elite in charge of the New World Order in which national sovereignty is seen as an obstacle to be overcome.  Like Obama, Clinton is very much beholden to Arab money (both Clintons are).  And as with Obama, let no one think that there are no strings attached to these wide-open purses.


Clinton’s staff would not be all that much different from Obama’s.  Same world views, same caressing of Mao and other mass murderers, same hunger for devastating the U.S. economy, same contempt for the “great unwashed,” same friendships with extreme leftists the world over, same overt memberships, over or covert, in extremist organizations like the Socialist International.  There would be many more loony women than loony blacks.  The proportion of SCREW males (SCREW=submissive, compliant, radical, emotive, white) might be about the same, but they would be more SCREWy than ever, in keeping with the old feminist dictum that if you have to hire a white male, make sure he toes the line.  The staff’s detachment from, and contempt for, reality would be the same, but with a different surface appearance.

And last but not least…

We would get Bill Clinton back.  Imagine America’s top sociopathic pair in the White House again…

Now, do we seriously want to indulge in wistful fantasies about Clinton 2.0?

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Quite recently, we had been treated to the disreputable (and illegal) spectacle of the Obamite administration clandestinely shipping busloads (or planeloads) of newly arrived illegal aliens to various unnamed locations in the USA.  One possible explanation, I suppose, is to make them less noticeable by spreading them around.  But I wonder if anyone had done a correlation between the destinations of such shipments and places where Dummycrats might have a hard time hanging on to office.  A few extra votes in enough places just might make enough of a difference to allow Nancy Pelosi’s dream of a dictatorship permanent Democratic majority come true.

Just wondering.



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Here is a repost of something I had written up in November 2008, equally applicable today – if indeed not more, since now Obama has shown his true colors.


Valerie Jarrett, the co-chair of Barack Obama’s Transition Team, told Tom Brokaw of Meet the Press this weekend that “…it’s important that President-elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule from day one.”

Val, you’re kidding, right? Val? Anybody home?

I seem to remember that Barack Obama was elected President, not el Supremo.

There is a world of difference between “assuming the responsibilities of the office” and “really tak[ing] power and begin[ning] to rule.”

I permit myself to hope that this was just a slip of the too-glib tongue that has come to typify the Obama machine; but if it is not, it sounds a lot like you guys are planning a restaging of the world-famous “Berlin 1933 Comedy Hour.”

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Bought a used 2010 Honda CR-V recently. New ones came with two master keys and a valet key, but in this case, the valet key had gone missing. Thought we ought to have a third key in reserve, just in case. Problem: these keys have a chip in it, so your neighborhood key cutter cannot reproduce it.

Took my troubles to Hall Honda (Virginia Beach). Started at the express service desk, got sent to the cashier, who told me a new valet key costs $36.42 and sent me to the service desk to make an appointment (to make a key).

Sigh. Came back at the appointed time, was told I have to pull the car into the service bay before they can make a valet key. Went out, got the car, drove into the service bay, checked in. Was floored by a bill for $108.56, the labor for programming a valet key being $69.95. Finally had the thing an hour later, was glad to leave.

Crazy; and all because of the “progress” of having the chip implanted in the key. Just to make sure the world was still sane, went to my neighborhood key cutter and had a spare key made for my 2000 Dodge Dakota. Total bill: $2.96, and the key fits neatly into my wallet.

Imagine what other “advances” in automotive electronics can do for us (and how much it will cost).


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A fledgling on our lawn, demanding parental attention.




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This is actually very simple.

The people most affected by the system should run the system.

Imagine this:

  • Each Veterans Administration location is assigned a strike force of veteran volunteers (VETSTRIKEFOR) who are answerable to no one in the bureaucracy.  The size of the VETSTRIKEFOR contingent varies based on the size of the VA location.
  • VETSTRIKEFOR monitors all incoming calls and follow-on actions by the VA.  Each time a call comes in, the clock starts ticking.  If the caller does not get full satisfaction that he/she would have gotten from a competent private physician within the timeframe that the caller’s condition demands, each and every VA bureaucrat, from the appointment taker all the way up to the facility head honcho, gets docked $100.  All VA personnel above the facility director, all the way up to the VA Secretary, get docked $500.
  • Any member of the VA behemoth who attempts to evade or subvert VETSTRIKEFOR supervision, by any means whatsoever (including false accusations of racism, sexism, insensitivity, microaggression, whatever) is subject to an immediate $10,000 fine, for the first offense.  The same applies to everyone in this person’s chain of command, all the way up to the VA Secretary.  A second attempt results in (1) immediate termination with loss of all benefits, (2) being put on a blacklist so that she/he can never be rehired by any governmental agency, and (3) becoming the target of a class action suit by all affected veterans and veteran organizations.
  • VETSTRIKEFOR will collect the funds thus generated, and will hold them in escrow for support of veterans who need services outside the VA system.

Once this system is implemented, the following will occur:

  • About $12 billion per year will flow into the VETSTRIKEFOR escrow fund during the first three years.
  • About 75% of VA personnel will be fired and replaced with competent people, primarily veterans.  To make things fair, the fired bureaucrats will be offered fulfilling manual work on shovel-ready projects.
  • Within three years, the system will have magically fixed itself.  Appointments will be kept, professional services will be provided, prompt referrals outside the system will be made any time the VA system does not have sufficient resources or capacity.

saluting vetI can see tens of thousands of volunteers flooding in to answer their country’s call.

I’d go too, in a heartbeat.


If Obama wants to use his pen and his phone, here is his chance.


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Interesting article about new car glut, at Zero Hedge.  Apparently, millions of new cars are being produced, but because (1) few people are buying and (2) there is an estimated ten billion serviceable cars in the world (yes, that’s 1.4 cars per person), these shiny new vehicles are just parked and left to die.

Which any car will do, after sitting for a while.  Just try starting one after a few months in storage, especially if it sits in the open!

I have to wonder if the Cash for Clunkers program (aka Obamacare for Cars) had been designed with this in mind.  First you make people get rid of older but perfectly serviceable models by offering them cash incentives, which certain other people, also known as taxpayers, have to pay for.  Then you destroy these perfectly serviceable older cars instead of recycling them.  This creates an ecological nightmare and yet another fiscal sinkhole, and drives up the cost of used cars.  Then people will really have little choice but to buy a nice, shiny, overpriced new car with all kinds of expensive features that no one needs.  Except that, after several hundred years of the national socialist Obama economy (okay, okay, it’s not several hundred years, but it feels like it), few people have that kind of money.  So the cars are parked, and they die.

Oh, hey, here’s an idea!  Why not, instead of giving people a few bucks to get rid of their old cars, you simply give them one of these new ones?

Perish the thought…

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